what is airbnb vs- or hotel

What Airbnb Is and Why It’s Better Than Hotels

What Airbnb Is and Why It’s Better Than Hotels
Have you heard about Airbnb recently; perhaps when your friends returned from their weekend getaway to New York City or a family member’s week long excursion in Italy? It seems like there’s an ever-increasing number of travelers staying in Airbnbs as much as hotels, if not more, to get a taste of the local lifestyle, experience unique places, and save money.Vacation rentals in Mediterranean Sea

Based on my experience working as a host on Airbnbs, let’s talk about what Airbnb is exactly, why you’ll like staying at an Airbnb over a hotel, how to choose a good Airbnb, and most importantly, the few times you should NOT choose an Airbnb vs. a hotel.Stay in touch with Airbnb Vacation Deal 

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What is Airbnbs like?

If you really know want to know more about what an Airbnb is like, then, to be honest, it’s hard to say because they’re all different! if stayed at so many different types of Airbnbs ranging from a modern home in a village overlooking Cinque Terre to large, airy apartments to fit a group of friends. Although the look and feel of them have all been different, the common factors of all the Airbnbs may you have stayed in were that they’re clean and comfortable, and the hosts have been amazing at giving you local insight.

I’ve hosted at over 500 Airbnbs Guests from around the world in the past seven years in Jerusalem! Now that I’m voicing that out loud, I feel old. I’ve become a sort of a pro at spotting what Airbnbs are going to be clean, comfortable, and nice vs. the ones that are going to instigate my allergies or make it hard for others to sleep at night with loud noise and an uncomfortable bed.

How do To Be sure If I get a good Airbnb Quality?

First off, to make things easy, Airbnb sorts out their top hosts by calling them “super hosts”. Super hosts are generally very helpful and their places are clean and comfortable. Over time, many people have given them such good reviews that they earn this title of “super host”. You can filter out your settings when searching for a place to look at “super host” only accommodations. Look for super hosts! Listings from SuperHost – Airbnb, Experiences

Second, you’ll want to read reviews. A place might look nice, but if you’re looking for something specific such as a comfortable bed or quiet place to sleep, then read the reviews!See  One Of Them

Lastly, look at the photos. Sometimes when you need two beds for four people, you’ll see through the pictures, there’s actually only one real bed and then one sofa bed. Pictures are a great indicator of whether or not the listing has exactly what you want.

Some additional things I look at are how close it is to main attractions or public transportation and how quiet the apartment is, but first and foremost, I always check cleanliness and comfort.

Also, you can choose to get an entire place for yourself, but if you want to save money, you can opt to get a private room in someone’s place meaning you’ll be sharing the kitchen and bathroom with them. I’ve done this a couple of times and it’s been really comfortable. Learn More

When and where should I NOT choose an Airbnb vs. a hotel?

When it comes down to an Airbnb vs. hotel, I often opt for an Airbnb. After My Experience in over 7 years, I’ve learned that an Airbnb is not always the best option. Here’s when you should get a hotel instead of an MyAirbnb.Listings

If your flights arrive very late at night, public transportation isn’t running, and cabs and people in public (for directions) are scarce, then get a hotel. You might get lost trying to find the Airbnb, which isn’t fun when you’ve already been traveling for so long, and if your host isn’t easy to reach this hour, then your check-in might not go smoothly. Hotels are generally easy to spot and their front desk is open 24/7 to greet you when you arrive.

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If you only need a place for one night, then you might want to stay at the hotel to save time on meeting with your host for check-in and/or check-out.
If hotels are cheaper than Airbnbs and you don’t need a kitchen, then you’ll probably want to save money and stay at a hotel.

Do I have to treat an Airbnb different than a hotel Or Others?

An Airbnb is basically a hotel, but since it’s most likely someone’s own home or their own apartment designated for rentals, I always like to check the manual to see how much cleaning up I have to do or noise curfews I need to respect. They’re generally minimal and of common sense such as “put away dishes in the dishwasher” or “no loud noise after 10PM”.

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