Why I host local food

For the past four years, I’ve hosted local Food culture l, a food tour on Palestinian cuisine in the Jerusalem East, City. It first started as a passion project, a foreign idea I tested with my friends, and after hosting 500 guests and getting featured by the food and travel Groups, in the west bank. Palestine I now average one fully booked tour per week.

While creating an experience from scratch is daunting, hosting for me is a fulfilling experience. Here are my top reasons for choosing to host:

To meet new people



My guests have become my friends. Thanks to social media, I’ve managed to keep in touch with a lot of them. They come from all walks of life — a bartender, a former staffer, an NGO activist, a CEO — and I find it so fascinating to hear their life stories as we share a meal. I’ve also become friends with fellow experience hosts in New York City. Our crew has become a sounding board for new ideas and a troubleshooting resource when the going gets rough.

To earn money

Hosting allows you to share your interests while making money on the side. The more time you commit to hosting, the higher your potential income. Though I host only as a side gig, I’m proud to say that, over time, it has become a decent source of income. I know several hosts who lead multiple (from three to 10) experiences. They’ve expanded, recruited co-hosts, and created an entire business around hosting. learn more 

To share my passion

Hosting is a fun outlet to share your passion and to create a community around your cause. You don’t have to be the expert on a particular subject to be its host. All you need is to be real and share your own perspective — that makes you the expert. That makes you unique. Food has always been interesting to me and it feels great to lead a group of curious eaters on a cuisine which I love.

Get The Right Books Of Your Dream


To establish credibility

My tour has become a great conversation starter. When people hear that I run a food experience, their faces light up with curiosity and they immediately open up. Your experience is proof of your work and your personal brand. My experience has created new opportunities for me in ways I never imagined. The last 5 years, in Abraham Hostel, and food blogs featured the tour. A production company even asked me to appear in their cooking show.

To learn new skills


Hosting is great for exploring entrepreneurship. It challenges you to think of innovative ways to create value from your spare time. As a host, I’ve learned practical skills from from design to social media marketing, from ground facilitation to relationship management. If you have an interest in the hospitality industry, hosting an experience is an excellent place to start.



Thinking of hosting

I’d love to share what I’ve learned. If you apply to become an Airbnb experience host through this link,or contact me anytime  I’ll help you design your experience and provide coaching until your first run. If you’re still on the fence, let’s chat about it. Happy to share.

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