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Get Stranded on an Island *The 2020 Dream*

Exclusive Private Island Retreat in El Nido incl:
+ Exclusive Master Bedroom and 2nd Floor
+ Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Filipino Cuisine)
+ Pick-Up & Drop-Off from/to El Nido Town/Airport
+ Snorkeling Gear & Kayak Rental
+ Housekeeping
+ Coffee & Tea Bar
+ Library Use and Boardgames

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The space
Thank you to Philippine Airlines for mentioning us as the Philippine Robinson Crusoe in your Philippine Airlines In-Flight Magazine 🙂

Here on Brother Island we are most appreciated for our exclusive private island experience. No other guests during your stay, and maybe the best way to get away from the rat race.

We have a huge white beach that changes shape every season. The ancestral house designed by Lolo Fermin in 1991 has 7 bedrooms, 2 shared bathrooms, 2 extra toilets and 2 extra showers. It is ideal for some quality time with your closest friends and family, but we also host honeymoons, weddings and yoga retreats on the island.

Also nice to discover is our preserved jungle and bamboo forest. As well is the coral reef that surrounds the whole island. You can snorkel or kayak around the island within half an hour. Ideal for beginners and intermediate snorklers and kayakers.

The 7 rooms we have are ideal for groups of up to 16 guests. We can also arrange for bigger groups (i.e. wedding parties). If you like to inquire for a bigger group, please message us before hand. If you are unsure on how big your group might become, please consider to make a booking reservation for just a few guests first. We can always change the number of guests at a later time, but you might want to secure the dates, especially during high season.

Guest access
We only accept one booking at a time. This exclusive set up means that there are no other guests that you need to share the island with during your stay. You are free to roam and discover the island. The only places that are off-limits to our guests is my own house on the back side.

The Main House is two stories high and it’s 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms are at your disposal. The host and the staff have their own housings on the other side of the island.

Other things to note
We have special offers that can be booked on site such as:
° Snorkelling expeditions to Big Daracoton Island and Nalbot Island (P700/person)
° Hiking tours on the mainland (P700/person)
° Local Fishing (P700 per boat, max 3 per boat)
° Beach massages (P700/hour/person)
° Laundry Service (P120/kg), etc.

Our worry-free package includes 3 meals a day. We don’t have a restaurant or a menu. But we cook a meat, a seafood and a vegetarian dish for you, and serve you in a traditional Filipino manner, where all food is presented in the center of the table. I like to think of it as ‘Auntie cooks for the whole family’.

Thus, before you arrive, please let us know if anyone in your group a of any sort allergy or special diet (eg. vegetarian, lactose intolerance, diabetes, etc), so that we can adapt to your eating habits. Also please let us know which eating times are the best for you as we go along.

Please be sure not to eat any unfamiliar things found in our jungle forest, at sea or anywhere else in the area. We cannot guarantee any safety, if unfamiliar fruits and other objects are eaten without first consulting us or the island staff.

Know that we use quality drinking water from our tested natrual spring vis a vis on the main land. Bottled water can be brought by yourself or seperately ordered.

Alcoholic beverages are not included. We have a little bar at your disposal and hold the tap to the last day. Rhum, Coke, Gin, Tonic, Tequila, Juices, an assortment of Redwine (Rioja, Merlot, etc), Brandy, Cognac, Whisky, Soju and other spirits. You are also welcome to bring your own drinks at a one-time corkage fee of P5,000.


The best way to come to Brother Island (BRO) is to fly in via El Nido (ENI) airport. The only airline flying to/from ENI is AirSwift, and you can buy tickets on their website or at ‘elnidoboutiqueandartcafe’. Coming from Manila (MNL) or Cebu (CEB) it is only a one (1) hour flight to ENI. The shuttle service from ENI town/airport to BRO is included in the listing price.

Alternatively you can choose to fly in via Puerto Princesa (PPS). You might get cheaper flights, but it may take 5-6 hours to travel from PPS to ENI by van (not included in the listing price). If you choose this route, please let us know and we can arrange a van for you.

To make sure you are travelling safe during daylights time (roughly 6am-6pm), please make sure that your itinerary falls into the following time-frames:
Arrival ENI: before 3PM
Departure ENI: after 9AM
Arrival PPS: before 9AM
Departure PPS: after 3PM
Like this we can make sure you will be travelling during the day and as well you will have enough buffer-time in case of unexpected weather conditions.


We only accept cash (PHP, EUR, USD) and PayPal (+4% service fee) payments.
*Weekly discounts: 15%*
*Monthly discounts: 30%*



Some more tipps:
– Please check that upon your arrival in the Philippines the minimum validity of your passport must be 6 months.
– Before your departure to the Philippines, please check with your physician and read the recommended injections from your country, preferrably at an institute for tropical medicine.
– It is recommended to bring a waterproof bag/solution for your electronics. We will take measures to minimize a potential damage through sea or rainwater, but will not take any responsibility in case of damage through water.
– Please know that we take the liberty to welcome our own family members or friends during your stay. This happens very seldomly, but if this should be the case, you will be informed in advance. Also the composition and size of your group will be considered before any extra admittance is granted.
– It is generally prohibited to transport mussels from the area. This is checked again by the airport staff.


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