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What kind of experiences can I host?

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you are familiar with Airbnb and may even prefer using it to find places to stay while on holiday.But what about the activities you experience while you are away? With Airbnb Experiences, travellers can not only stay like a local but also take part in experiences like a local.

Airbnb Experience Hosting: What is it?

With Airbnb, you can live like a local in any city that you may be travelling to, feel more at home while travelling for work and receive a more authentic experience while travelling for pleasure.
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Stuck for ideas? Then check out these ideas to help you get inspired.

Airbnb experience ideas to host in your city

If you are looking to help travellers experience the things that make your hometown special, there are many options to consider. Among the most popular types of experiences are:

Food experiences: For example, a cooking class, a food tour that features local markets or hard-to-find cafes or an intimate dining experience in your home.
Cultural or historical experiences: Know lots about your hometown’s history? Why not show visitors around and give them the highlights of your hometown’s historic landmarks?
Nature or outdoor experiences: For those living somewhere with lots of outdoor activities, taking visitors on a hike is a great way to welcome them to your town.
Surfing experiences: Showing visitors the local hidden surf spots may be the highlight of their trip!
Music experiences: Help your guests feel at home with some local music.
Art experiences: Taking visitors to an art show or exhibit is a great way to help local artists get exposure and help your guests have a great time in your city.

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