Dessert can be Delicious AND Healthy! Turn frozen fruit into soft-serve in seconds with the New Yonanas Deluxe.

Yonanas Classic dessert maker

Weight: 3.1 lbs Electrical: AC Dimensions: 13.75" H X 6.25" W X 7.5" D 120V Version Only For International or 220V products, please

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Divine delicacies! Each Goodness bite transports you to a carefree sunny day in the countryside
At Yonanas

Healthy delicious meals
At Yonanas, we believe in creating yummy goodness (at dessert or anytime) that’s fun to make!

Color your day with goodness.

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Dessert anytime

that’s just Yonanas!

Yonanas Classic

with the Original Healthy Dessert Maker!

Top Quality

Fruit Soft Serve Machine: Turn 100% frozen fruit into a smooth "

Healthy Frozen

with 36 recipes will help you create simple, homemade desserts

Yonanas Classic

Top Quality

Healthy Frozen

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